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Online Watch Academy

Discover the Art of Watchmaking Online

What is Online Watch Academy?

The Online Watch Academy is a platform where
individuals with watchmaking expertise and those eager to learn
come together to inherit the history of human wisdom and craftsmanship spanning 700 years.
Together, we will pass on the skills and allure of watchmaking to future generations.

A few words from our representative instructor
Nobukazu Fujimoto

Having collectively spent 25 years in the world of watch repair, I come to believe that as the internet makes knowledge more accessible for learning, a completely different approach to inheriting watchmaking technology is necessary nowadays. And that's why we decided to launched the Online Watch Academy.

As information overloaded nowadays, while there are many watchmaking videos available, it seems difficult to obtain truly necessary knowledge or to correctly check the techniques that was being used. Hence, improving this situation is one of the goals of our academy.

Repair works tends to be somewhat closed off, but we believe that with more colleagues joining the academy, it will lead to better sharing of techniques and development. Futhermore, as networking expands worldwide, knowledge and skills can be shared, which we are convinced that this academy will hold even greater signifiance.

The skill of disassembling, cleaning, and assembling watches is a valuable techniques that will never disappear in the future, always remaining in the hands of human.

To all of you who are learning together at the Online Watch Academy, we will continue to enrich the academy with practical and enjoyable contents, aiming to make it a better place for learning.

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