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Discover the Art of Watchmaking Online
~ Your Lifetime Companion in Horololgical Education ~

Discover the Art of Watchmaking Online
~ Your Lifetime Companion in Horololgical Education ~

What is Online Watch Academy

It is a platform where the age-old art of mechanical watchmaking which spanning 700 years, is generously shared with everyone! 

Point 1

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

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Learn the World-Class Proper Technique

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Ask the instructor on Live Sessions 

Student Enrollment Open for the Annual Watch Repair Fundamental Course
An English version of the lesson is in preparation. Coming Soon
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One Year Course

Watch Repair Fundamental Course


Learn and comprehend the structure of Hand-Winding, Self-Winding
and Basic Watch Repair Techniques

Suitable for Beginner and Experienced
Exam Preparation Available

checkLesson Videos(48 lessons in total)

course decomposition


course decomposition


Course cleaning


Course cleaning


Course Assembly


Course Assembly


Operate Disassembly/Assembly techniques on
Hand-Winding and Self-Winding watches through online lessons.


checkLive Sessions(15 Sessions in total)

Live Sessions
Live Sessions
Live Sessions

Instructors will kindly answer any question you may have about the lesson.
Questions can be submit in advance through video or other formats.
They will be address either during monthly live session or via email for a timely resolution.

Lesson Preview

Learn form Experienced Instructor 
who had Raised many Technicians

Nobukazu Fujimoto

Principal Instructor

Nobukazu Fujimoto

With over 25 years of repair experience, he taught at a prestigious watchmaking school for more than a decade, introducing over 600 individuals. He is renowned for his clear and through lessons, and notable for his clarity on screen.

For more information

Introduced in Magazine "Clock Begin".

Watch Begin
 2022 Summer issue

Advantages of Online Study: 
How to Learn at Our Academy

Study Flow

Practice with Monthly Lesson Videos

The key to improve your skills is to practice repeatedly.
Practice with video lessons until you are satisfied with the result.

Ask Questions

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask questions on our site. Alternatively, you can refer to the FAQ section for solutions to common problem.

Participate in Follow-Up Live Sessions

Your questions will be addressed during our monthly live shows. A recorded archive will also be available, ensuring you don't miss out even if you can't attend.

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Learning Member Privilege

Special Privileges in addition to Lessons

  • Special interview Videos

  • Repair Videos

  • Online Exchange Event


  • Quartz Video

  • Postal Inspection

  • Priority for
    Overhauls at the
    Instructor Workshop

Explore more on How to Learn

With a passion for watches
anyone can enroll in our course!

Recommended for

  • Individuals residing in remote locations or facing challenges attending traditional watchmaking schools
  • Aspiring repair professionals or retailers seeking to enhance their skills
  • Those seeking guidance on the path to becoming a certified repair technician
  • Beginners interested in pursuing mechanical watch repair or disassembly as a hobby

A Diverse Group of Students are
Engaged in our Academy

Student A, in their 60s

"Being able to disassemble, reassemble, and repair watches doubles the fun and deepens my love for timepieces."

Student B, in their 20s

"As a craftsman, I've earned the trust of my customers through the skills I've acquired."

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Online Watch Academy

Annual Watch Repair Fundamental Course

Apply Now!

① Watch Repair Fundamental Course Only

Duration: 1 year

Admission fee 11,000 yen + Full Term Fee 198,000 yen

Total: 209,000 yen (tax included)

② Watch Repair Fundamental + Quartz Lesson

Duration: 1 year

Admission fee 11,000 yen + Full Term Fee 198,000 yen

Total: 243,000 yen (tax included)

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I achieve by studying at OWA?

You will be able to understand how a mechanical watch work as well as the overhaul process.
Above all, you can just simply have fun and dive in the magnificant microcosmic world of mechanical watches.

Will it be helpful for studying the National Examination for
Watch Repair Technician Skills Certification?

Yes. As we will be covering the movements that were often test in the first, second, and third level exams, we highly recommend any who are aiming to achieve the qualification. The advantage of online lessons is that you can practice with videos repeatedly.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! About half of our students start as beginners. There were also students who were in their 60s that also started as beginners. You are welcome to ask the instructor whenever you have questions.

Will I be able to acquire skills that allow to make it as a side job?

Watch repair is a field that generally takes a long time to become a professional. It depends on what level you consider your work will be. However, there are also people who become professionals just by their passion and love for the mechanical watches. For more information, please contact us at the information session.

  • Can beginners participate in lessons?


    If you have an interest in watchmaking, whether you are experienced or a beginner, you are warmly welcomed. Our lesson 'Watch Repair Fundamental' is designed with a systematic curriculum so that even beginners can learn from scratch. The lesson videos progress along the steps of watch repair, allowing you to review them at your own pace, ensuring a solid understanding of parts and procedures. Additionally, during the follow-up live sessions held as needed, you can ask questions to the instructor and receive personalized advice.

  • Is the content suitable for an experienced person?


    Experienced individuals are also very welcome. The first lesson covers the basics of manual-winding and automatic-winding in the 'Watch Repair Fundamental' course. Which provides an opportunity to systematically revisit fundamental techniques.

  • I do not have tools.


    If you do not have the necessary tools for watch repair, it is important to prepare them in advance. You can purchase the required set of tools from our academy's affiliated company's website. For more information, please visit Here.

  • Can I use my own tools?


    If you already have the necessary tools for watch repair, please ensure that you have all the tools required for the lesson. If there are any tools missing, please prepare them in advance. You can purchase them from our academy's affiliated company's website. For more information, please visit Here.

  • What materials will you use?


    In the first lesson, 'Watch Repair Fundamentals' we will be using materials for manual-winding and automatic-winding. It is necessary to prepare these materials in advance. You can purchase the required set of materials from our academy's affiliated company's website. For more information, please visit Here.

  • Can I participate from a smartphone?


    Our lesson videos are accessible from smartphones, however, we do not recommend it. The lesson videos involve detailed work with small parts, which may not be suitable for viewing on small screens. We recommend viewing the videos on a computer or tablet with a screen size of 10 inches or larger.

  • What kind environment do I need to prepare?


    To view the videos and live streams, you will need a suitable Wi-Fi environment and specific applications. For more details, please refer to Here.

  • Payment Methods and Receipts


    The payment methods for sign-up fees and membership fees include credit card payments or bank transfers through our website. Receipts will be automatically issued by the payment system used on our site. Please note that we cannot issue receipts to prevent duplication.

  • Withdrawal from membership


    If you are considering withdrawing from membership, please contact us on the website. Please note that we do not offer refunds for sigh-up fees or membership fees in case of withdrawal due to member's circumstances. We kindly ask you to review the terms of use and check your digital environment before joining.


Watch Repair Fundamental Course

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Watch Repair Intermediate

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Self-Winding ST2130 Series (ETA 2824)

Watch Repair Fundamental




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