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How to Study

Online Watch Academy

Learn Efficiently with Videos and Live Sessions

Students can learn through a combination of lesson videos and Follow-up live sessions through out the year.

The benefit of online learning is being able to learn during spare time and having the opporunity to practice repeatedly at one's own pace, which is important for watch repair.

Therefore, for those who are passionate about advancing their skills, this method comes to be highly recommended. Additionally, as other privileges for lesson members, you can also access to contents such as "Special Interview Videos" and "Professional Repair Videos".


Lesson Videos

Lesson Videos

Watch and Work at Your Own Pace

There are a total of 48 lesson videos (10-30 minutes each) that follow the systematic curriculum that will be sending every month, which members can watch and practice at their own pace. While watching the video, follow the instrictions to understand the structure of the watch and perate watch disassembly and reassembly by using practice watch and tools.

For more information about the curriculum, please visit curriculum
Practice clocks and special tools are available here.


Follow-up Live Sessions

Regular Follow-up Live

Ask the Instructor Directly

If there are questions and doubts that arise during the lesson, you can submit it to the instructor through a dedicate form. In addition to text, you can attach images or videos to your submissions. The received questions will be directly addressed by the instructor via email or during Follow-up Live Sessions, which will be held approximately once or twice a month. The Follow-up Live Sessions (approx. 50 min.) can be participate through live streaming on Zoom, and recordings will be available for later as well. 


Postal Inspection Service for Practice Watch 

Inspection service for disassembled and assembled watches

Request an Inspection of the Practice Watch by Direct Mail

The practice watch that has complete a set of lessons can be send to the instructor by direct mail for inspection (optional for those who wish). The watch sent by direct mail will be carefully check by the instructor, and feedback on any areas for improvement will provide at a later date. This option is also recommended for those aiming to acquire a professional qualification.


Special Lectures

Special Lectures

Interview that Stimulates Intellectual Curiosity 

We are currently streaming video interviews featuring professionals that are actively working at the forefront of the watch industry, including current watchmakers and technicians. The quality of the content that stimulates intellectual curiosity about mechanical watches, can only be provided by our Academy.


Repair Videos

Repair Videos

Records of Watch Repairs with Historical Value

From major manufacturers such as ROLEX, OMEGA, and SEIKO to rare brands, we continuously record video documentations of the repair processes for used and vintage watches by professionals. We believe that the repair procedures for watches with undisclosed technical specifications hold documentary value that should be preserved for future generations.