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Quartz Lesson

Online Watch Academy

Watch Repair Fundamental -- Optional Video Lesson

In addition to Watch Repair Fundamentals,
this curriculum allows you to learn Disassembly, Cleaning, Assembly and Lubrication of Quartz Watches as an option.

※ Only those who have taken the Watch Repair Fundamentals
course can make a purchase.
※ Price and Details are available here.


Practice Watch (scheduled)

(equivalent to 7N43)

Watch approx. 15,000 yen + 
Spare Movements approx. 5,000 yen

※Spare movements are purchased together with the watch to compensate for damaged or missing parts.
※Prices are subject to change due to exchange rates and other factors.



Other Details

Please refer to the following page.
List of Tools and Materials used in Lesson
What you Need for the Lesson

Sample Video Library

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First Term Watch Repair Fundamental Course