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Introductory video, some lesson videos available and live streaming digest
You can see the atmosphere of the annual study course

Annual Learning Course

  • Lesson Videos

  • Live Sessions

  • Repair

Annual fee starting from 209,000 yen
An English version of the lesson is in preparation. Coming Soon

What is Watch Repair Fundamental?

Monthly Repair Video Course

  • Repair

Monthly fee starting from 1,500 yen

What is Monthly Repair Video?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods?
We accept payments via credit card only. If you prefer bank transfer, please contact us through this inquiry form.
When will the payment be processed?
For the Annual Learning Course, the payment will be processed on the payment date and will be valid for one year. For the monthly repair video course, the payment will be processed monthly starting from the payment date.
Can I receive a receipt?
Our website uses the Stripe payment system, and after the payment is completed, an email receipt will be automatically issued.